10/30 Meeting

Today, our co-president Shadaj gave an interactive presentation about the HTTP layer, building on top of the presentations in previous weeks about computer networking.

We discussed topics like how content is loaded in web browsers, the different types of metadata included with HTTP requests and responses, and special tricks used by web servers such as having multiple domains point to the same IP address. In addition, we began discussion of the different styles of web applications, such as server-side generated pages, hybrid websites that defer some content loading to later, and more modern single page applications that handle all user experience matters within the browser.

In the next presentation of our networking series, we will move onto client-side programming, talking about the evolution of creating interactive client-side applications and looking at modern tools for creating web apps such as React, Angular, REST, and GraphQL. We’re also planning more presentations on the USACO soon to prepare for the upcoming season, so be on the lookout for those!